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The Lighthouse: Youth After Hours Diversionary Service

The Lighthouse : youth After hours diversionary service

Opening Times: The Lighthouse is open 6pm to 8am 7 nights per week 

For referrals and/or further information about the TAIHS Lighthouse

Phone:  (07) 4729 4800 (business hours) or 0488 536 558 (afterhours)

The Lighthouse is designed to support 10 to 17 year olds, no matter their circumstances or background, and who seek a safe place.
The program is specific for young people who may:

  • not have adequate adult supervision;
  • not feel safe at home and need a place to go;
  • be in trouble;
  • need someone to talk to

Young people who attend are able to access meals, shower facilities and a bed for rest.  Interactive supervised engagement activities such as sport, fitness and creative programs are included.
The centre provides support for disengaged youth and offers a safe place to form connections, including cultural connections.

Each child who attends is assigned a case worker to help them with everyday tasks and guidance.

At 8am each morning, the young people who are still in attendance are all encouraged to return home and actively participate in attending school or other activities during the day.

Lighthouse Referral and Intake

Referral Details

Young Person's Details

Emergency Contact

Other Stakeholders Involved


N.B. This should be completed with input from the referring officer and the young person.

Consent for Referral