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Family Participation Program

Family Participation Team

About TAIHS Family Participation Program 

The TAIHS Family Participation Program (FPP) aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to participate in child protection decisions that affect their lives.

FPP strives to develop family based solutions that can provide protection and care needs of children.

The TAIHS FPP follows the Family Led Decision Making Process (FLDM), which gives parents, families and children a voice to create their own plans and lead decision making in a culturally safe space.

“Finding your way through” Child Safety business:

  • FPP work with families to make processes regarding child protection needs understood
  • Strengthen and identify support networks
  • Supporting families to make choices and take action to keep children safe and connected to family, community and culture
  • Create case plans that detail family, community and cultural connections
  • Participate in Family Group Meetings (FGM) to explore all options and the best way through using the FLDM process
  • Identify and choose further support upon agreed outcome

TAIHS FPP is available in the following regions

Townsville     Ingham     Ayr     Charters Towers     Hughenden

Contact & Business Hours 

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 5:00pm

Phone: (07) 4431 1460


Adam Waters
Family Facilitator

Ana Togo
Admin Intake Officer

Billie-Jo Burgen
Family Facilitator

Jessica Hobson
Family Facilitator

Joshua Leedie
Practice Leader

Kelly Watts
Family Facilitator

Lester Hero
Family Facilitator

Tyrell Smith
Family Facilitator

Rachael Geia
Family Facilitator

Michael Bourne
Family Facilitator

Shinica McLeod
Administration Trainee

Trudy Tronc
Program Manager