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Family Wellbeing Program

TAIHS Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing program provides support to families with children prior to conception through to 18 years who may be experiencing some vulnerability that is affecting the family’s safety and wellbeing.

Family Wellbeing Workers (WW) support the family to identify the areas of support that may be required to promote strong connection to family; culture and to minimise the risk of children entering or re-entering  the Out of Home Care System

The Family Wellbeing staff work with families to identify strengths and identify individual needs in one or more of the domains below:

  • Child Wellbeing
  • Cultural Identity and Connectedness
  • Family Safety
  • Family Interactions
  • Parenting
  • Health 
  • Material Wellbeing

Wellbeing Workers use the Queensland Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak Practice (QATSICPP) Standards as the framework for supporting families.

Support is focused on identifying families’ story-line and providing activities to assist parents and family to engage in changing story-lines that will promote optimum care and development of their children.

Supportive activities may include information, advice and referral to other services; activities at our early childhood space - Yamani Meta; and assigned Wellbeing Worker that does a variety of activities based on a family led plan for changing story-lines (this may include home visiting, support at specialist appointment, group work activities).

Referrals to Family Wellbeing services may meet any of the following criteria:

  • there is a child or young person (unborn* to under 18 years) and
  • the family has multiple needs, some of which may be complex
  • the family requires occasional or episodic support to maintain a child’s safety and overall wellbeing
  • the family would benefit from access to support services to improve child and family wellbeing and without support the child, young person and family are at risk of entering or re-entering the statutory child protection system
  • the child is not currently in need of protection but the family would benefit from support to prevent entry or re-entry into the statutory child protection system
  • the child is in need of protection, is subject to ongoing intervention and support from the Family Wellbeing service is likely to result in the child no longer requiring departmental intervention
  • the child or family would benefit from services to improve their cultural identification or connection to culture

Download the program brochure

For more information or Self-Referrals please contact TAIHS Family Wellbeing 07 4431 1458

For organisation referrals please click here Family Support Referral

Family Wellbeing recently opened up a dedicated early learning & family space Yamani Meta for community members to attend.

Follow this link to learn more about it or contact the house directly:

Yamani Meta 07 4759 4039