Yamani Meta
Yamani = Rainbow 
Meta = House 

Is our dedicated space for early & family learning located at 16 Peel Street.
There are activities and programs specifically focussed on growing up smart, healthy kids.
Focussed around some of the key family development domains:
Early Learning;
Safety and Security;
Responsive Caregiving and

Activities include: nutrition/cooking groups, playgroup, adult group work, storytelling, health topics and cultural activities. We have a series of blog posts outlining activities and handy tips, click here to view.

Yamani Meta is open 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday and community members are welcome to drop in and yarn with Family Wellbeing Workers or learn more about what is happening in the space for the week. 

For more detailed program information see our calendar of on our dedicated Facebook page

Or contact the team directly -

Yamani Meta 07 4759  4039