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Company Documents

All Membership applications are currently on hold pending update to the current list of members 

Application for Membership 

As a community controlled organisation, TAIHS has a mandate to deliver services in Townsville and surrounding region from its members.

To become a member of TAIHS you must complete an Application for Membership form

Download the Membership Form Here

Once acknowledged by the Board of Directors you are then eligible to do the following 

A member can:
Attend, speak and vote at general meetings
Be made a director
Put forward resolutions at general meetings
Ask the directors to call a general meeting
Look at the books and records of the Corporation (If the directors have authorised them to do this, or if the members have passed a resolution which lets them do this)

Application for Confirmation of Descent

Townsville Aboriginal & Islander Health Service (TAIHS) Board takes the responsibility of confirming descent seriously and will only consider cases where the applicant and their family heritage is known to the Board, and where they meet all eligibility requirements. This position has been taken as these requests are generally for the purpose of seeking eligibility to services and opportunities that are exclusively for the benefit of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

Descent eligibility - to meet this criterion, you must be able to satisfy all parts of the following definition:
Descent - the individual must prove that a parent is of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent (‘Family Tree’ is required in most cases)
Known to the Board - If the TAIHS Board does not have any direct knowledge of the applicant or their family heritage, they will not approve the Confirmation of Descent application
Self-Identification - the individual must identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
Community Recognition - the individual must be accepted as such Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander by the members of the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community in which they live
Locational Eligibility – the individual’s family heritage must stem from within the geographical area of ‘Far North Queensland’

Please Note: If your family heritage is from outside of the Townsville Region you should instead seek your confirmation from a relevant local Indigenous organisation in the geographical area your family is from.
• The application must be fully completed.
• It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the necessary documentation to prove that you meet the Confirmation of Descent criteria.
• If insufficient documentation is provided, then the application will not be considered by the TAIHS Board and will be returned requesting further information and completion.
Confirmation of Descent is entirely at the discretion of the TAIHS Board of Directors

Download the Application Form here.  

Please note that our monthly Board Meetings are scheduled for every 4th Tuesday of the month, if you wish to submit your application please do so by any of the following

  • Post – PO Box 7534, Garbutt Business Centre. QLD 4814 (Addressed to Board of Directors)
  • Email -
  • In Person- TAIHS Main Clinic Reception, 57 – 59 Gorden St, Garbutt QLD 4814 or  TAIHS Corporate Office, 296 Ross River Road, Aitkenvale, 4814

Enquiries about your application can be made by emailing

TAIHS Organisation Rule Book

This Rule rule book of Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Health
Services (ICN 7681). Approved by a delegate of the Registrar on 29th January 2024

TAIHS operates within a set of controls set out in its constitution and Rule Book.

To view our current Rule Book please click here

Townsville Aboriginal & Islander Health Service Annual Report

TAIHS... More than a Health Service
We strive to provide a truly comprehensive model of care that responds to the physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of our people.

Excellence in the delivery of culturally appropriate services to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes.

TAIHS is committed to working in accordance with the following values to achieve our strategic vision:
Working in partnership with our community to support empowerment and self-determination.
Adopting a culturally appropriate and holistic approach to addressing the health and well being needs of our clients.
Providing high quality, evidence based care to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.
Striving for levels of excellence that meet and exceed community expectations.
Being accountable to our stakeholders by delivering on our commitments and maintaining the highest professional standards in service delivery and ethical practice.
Developing a learning organisation that supports the development of staff, teamwork and embraces positive change.
Upholding our organisational integrity– we value honesty, professionalism and respect in all that we do.

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Annual Report 2023

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