TAIHS Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing program provides support to families with children prior to conception through to 18 years who may be experiencing some vulnerability that is affecting the family’s safety and wellbeing.

Family Wellbeing Workers (WW) support the family to identify the areas of support that may be required to promote strong connection to family; culture and to minimise the risk of children entering or re-entering  the Out of Home Care Syste

The program works one or multiple aspects of seven key domains

  • Child wellbeing
  • Cultural identity and connectedness
  • Family Safety
  • Family Interactions
  • Parenting
  • Health 
  • Material Wellbeing

Wellbeing Workers use the Queensland Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak Practice (QATSICPP) Standards as the framework for supporting families.

Support is focussed on identifying families’ storyline and providing activities to assist parents and family to engage in changing storylines that will promote optimum care and development of their children.

These activities include a combination of home visiting, supported access to specialist services; parent workshops, play based activities and community events.