Eva Kennedy Units

Opening Hours
Referrals can be made at TAIHS Accommodation Services administration at 10 Peel Street any time between 8:30am to 8:00pm Monday - Friday
Intake is primarily between 4:00pm and 8:00pm (Some exceptions will be made for intakes during business hours, particularly for single women and single parents with children.)
Office Hours - 8:30-5pm Mon-Fri
Weekends 2pm – 7.30am
Public Holidays -  4pm – 7.30am

Phone: (07) 4725 6648 or 0447 669 493

The TAIHS Eva Kennedy Unit's target group is single women and small families who are homeless or who at imminent risk of becoming homeless.  Single parent families will be given priority on the basis of appropriateness of the single parent family to the TAIHS service delivery model.

Clients at Eva Kennedy Units have 24 hours access to the units and provides low level staff support to the Eva Kennedy Units with external support provided off site by staff of the 10 Peel Street.

TAIHS SAS is crisis accommodation which encourages and supports clients to take responsibility for their own health, well-being and safety, and assists clients with the transition to independent living.

Services provided:
  • Case Management Support
  • Referrals/Internal & External Agencies
  • Transport
  • Social Support
  • Advocacy
  • Assistance to obtain/maintain Government Allowanc
  • Advice and Information

The shelter operated 365 days of the year. Any necessary closure due to natural disaster will be in accordance with the Natural Disaster Plan.