Ferdy's Rehabilitation Services - Palm Island

Opening Hours Ferdy’s is staffed 24hrs/ day 7 days/week.
Office is open for enquiries Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Address Lot 474 Coconut Grove, Palm Island, QLD 4816

Phone (07) 4770 1745

Ferdy’s Haven

Ferdy’s Haven is a temporary residential-based recovery focused services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people seeking to free themselves from the burden of addiction (i.e. alcoholism and drug misuse). 

The service offers a culturally appropriate setting where service participants can feel safe, secure and supported in their recovery efforts. 

The Ferdy’s Haven program aims to support people to regain their self-esteem and inner dignity whilst providing activities to foster participation to build skills to maintain daily living.  This process of recovery also aids participants to maintain mindfulness in order to meet their primary goal which is to be able to live a substance-free lifestyle.

The residential-based recovery program is complemented by the Community Wellbeing Service which focuses on the early identification and prevention of alcohol and drug misuse with a range of program sessions to help equip an individual to take back control of their lives.

Ferdy’s aim is that participants leave the program;

  • with a feeling of wellness,
  • confident to take on life’s challenges,
  • and to be a person who can make the right personal choices in maintaining a motivated, clean and healthy lifestyle.

Therapeutic, supportive intervention is provided to non-residential participants and residential based participants (and their families) prior to, during and following exit from the residential service.

Ferdy's Youth Service

Ferdy’s youth centered wellbeing service provides early intervention to young people misusing alcohol or drugs by taking a holistic approach to their rehabilitation.

A Community Engagement Coordinator is responsible for designing, implementing and managing a community outreach program to the youth of Palm Island.

Due to complex social problems within the community, Ferdy’s encourages social inclusion and participation through a range of activities on offer with inclusive ladies and men’s groups to minimize risk and provide a safe environment to embrace change.  

Young Healthy and Deadly Murri Project

April 2017 to January 2018

The aim of Active Healthy Project ‘Young Healthy and Deadly Murri’ at Palm Island is to engage, educate and strengthen young people in healthy lifestyle and develop sustainable pathways that is inclusive of every aspect of social emotional wellbeing. Through this project, the Ferdy’s Haven team serves to pave the way in collaboration with other service providers to boost young people’s self-esteem and confidence of making choices for better health. This project also aims to identify and advocate for the development and implementation of health policies and practices that is culturally appropriate and suitable for young Murris’.

There will be series of programs run in conjunction with this project, a schedule of events will be updated regularly on the TAIHS Facebook page

Drug Diversion Service (QIDDI)

TAIHS is funded to deliver a Queensland Indigenous Drug Diversion Initiative (QIDDI) Program. TAIHS employs a qualified psychologist who coordinates the drug diversion service at 57-59 Gorden Street, Garbutt.  All referrals are made by the arresting police officer or court officer to the diversion coordination centre, who then refers to TAIHS as the service provider. 

Once referred to the drug diversion service, clients who are unable to attend need to take the following steps:

  1. Call the arresting police officer or court officer (their contact number should be on your form), let them know that you are unable to make the scheduled appointment and that you would like to make a new appointment.
  2. If your request to make another appointment is approved, a new appointment will be scheduled and you will receive a referral to be seen on a different day and a new form outlining the details of the appointment.

Diversion sessions run for approximately 2 hours and include assessment and education.  The Psychologist will ask a couple of questions about you and your general health and will send this information to the diversion coordination centre as proof of your attendance at the session.  Following this, any other assessment information collected during your appointment is confidential and aimed at assisting us to best meet your needs.

The TAIHS Drug Diversion program extends across the geographic areas of Townsville, Palm Island, Ingham and Charters Towers.

Services are provided between 8am-3pm.

Contact: Brian (Psychologist) on 4759 4000 for more information