TAIHS provides emergency relief to families and individuals experiencing financial hardship.  Limited funding is available; as such, our service may provide food parcels and food vouchers to clients in need. 

 Emergency relief is not a welfare benefit and there are strict criteria with regard to accessing this service.  In order to be eligible, clients must:

  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and be a parent of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander dependents
  • Be a resident of the Townsville area
  • Work with the Emergency Relief Officer to put a plan in place to address the circumstances that had led to the financial hardship
  • Have not accessed Emergency Relief within the past 3 months
  • Have not accessed Emergency Relief on more than 2 occasions in the past 12 months
  • Receive Centrelink Benefits (or be in the process of applying for Centrelink)

In order to apply a client must:

  • Complete the application for Emergency Relief outlining the circumstances that have led to financial hardship and how the situation will be addressed to avoid future occurrence
  • Provide proof of identification (eg. Driver’s Licence, Medicare or Pension Card)
  • Provide current Centrelink income statement with dependents listed
  • Provide a current bank statement issued in the last month or ATM receipt issued the day of application showing account balance
  • Provide a copy of any bills requiring payment (eg. electricity, registration, gas or rent)

This process and supporting documentation is required each time an application is made for Emergency Relief