TAIHS is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled health service operating as a group practice. This practice has operated since 1975 and is located in modern purpose built premises. Services are provided by general practitioners, allied health professionals, a mental health team including a psychologist and a fully trained team of nurses and health workers. There are maternal and child, eye and dental health units, we provide holistic health and wellbeing care as well as a range of social services.

For all current vacancies, please head to our current vacancies page or email recruitment@taihs.net.au

Cadetship and Internship Opportunities

TAIHS has recently engaged training partner Connect n Grow to assist in providing opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people studying health or community services, to gain industry experience to coincide with their studies, by being engaged in a cadetship or internship.

 If you are interested in finding out more or know someone who is, complete the Expression of Interest click here.

 All enquiries and submissions of Expression of Interest can be directed to Rachel Knight at Connect n Grow (07) 4728 5041 or rachel@connectngrow.com.au

From time to time, TAIHS cross promotes jobs in other organisations around the North and Far North regions of Queensland.

Click here to see if there are any employment vacancies in another organisations.