This program is being amalgamated into the new Family Wellbeing Service - please check back later for further updates

The Stronger Families Program  provide and focus on families with children under 12 years of age by providing a case management model to support for vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Townsville.

 Project is funded under the Children and Schooling Programme and contributes to the outcome of supporting families to give children a good start in life through improved early childhood development, care, education and school readiness.

Referral pathways based on client need including community outreach services, partner organisation's and client self referrals.

The Stronger Families Program Team will aim to and contribute by:

 Providing a social and emotional well-being support and  counselling  service for all ages as part of the project.

Focus on families with children 0-12years of age with  learning and developmental milestone needs.

 Use a case management approach to address the full   spectrum of the client’s needs and focus on continuity of care by ongoing review of client’s case management plan.

Address any barriers to family functioning with a focus on early childhood development and proactively support school readiness and school attendance.

 Provide referrals to Psychologists and other specialist  Services where more complex needs and issues are            identified.

 Make appropriate connections with Indigenous community to facilitate engagement and involvement.

 Ensure families with newborn children understand the available services in the community that can provide information,     support, health development checks and advice

 This program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet. 

Opening Hours Monday - Friday, 8am - 4.30pm

Address 57 - 59 Gorden Street, Garbutt

Phone (07) 4759 4064