This program is being amalgamated into the new Family Wellbeing Service - please check back later for further updates

The Intensive Early Childhood Development Support Program (IECDSP) is a new project incorporated into TAIHS Family Support Services program.

It is funded by the Department of Education and Training and aims to give kids a deadly start to early childhood education and care, positive transitions to school and pathways to successful lifelong learning.

The program recognises the significance of family as kid’s first teachers and provides additional strategies to maximise learning opportunities at home by incorporating TALKING, SINGING, READING and PLAYING together into everyday experiences at home.

The Early Childhood Development Officer ECDO (early childhood teacher) develops individual learning plans that support family in strengthening their child’s sense of belonging, being & becoming big kids.

The ECDO builds on families existing strengths and provides information and support around

  • How little kids 0 - 5 years grow & learn
  • What they need at certain ages to learn
  • Things that can impact learning
  • Activities you can do at home to give them a head start to big school
  • Help your little kids manage their behaviour
  • Build appropriate discipline for 0-5 years
  • Why kindy counts

The IECDSP also links family to early intervention, therapeutic counselling & early childhood services in the Townsville Region.

The aim of the program is to

Reduce the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are engaged in the child protection system.

Improve the rate of participation and engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in early, primary and secondary education.

Objectives of THE IECDSP

  • Improve positive parent-child relationships;
  • Improve parenting competency and capabilities;
  • Enhance positive child growth and development factors and reducing risks; and
  • Increase participation to high quality and culturally appropriate early childhood education and care (ECEC).