Opening Times and Details

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Contact Details

Office Address: 10 Turnbull Street, Garbutt

On-call number: 0488 536 558


Catchment Area

TATSICHS Volatile Substance Misuse (VSM) Service covers the Townsville area.



The VSM Safe Place provides a Place of Safety and support programs for young people (12-17 yrs) who are misusing volatile and other substances, and who are at therefore at risk of substance abuse. The main source of referrals is Queensland Police.

Services include:

  • Individual Support - personal, emotional, cultural, social, educational, recreational
  • Holistic Health Support and Referral including drug and alcohol awareness, stolen generation and cultural counseling
  • Outreach/Diversionary Activities including footy/touch (Wanna be Deadly Comp) - yearly camp, bush tucker, cultural tours & local cave art, recreational activities
  • Transport and Supervision for young people to access activities in the community - BAD, Parkour, GAP, street soccer, PCYC etc
  • Educational/Motivational Programs - VSM & other substances awareness for youth and adults, ‘Stand Up' , Yarning Circles (a verbal learning circle designed to assist people in sharing their voice and experiences)
  • Rest and Recovery - 72 hour placement for young people ‘under the influence' where personal safety, hygiene and nutrition are addressed and health assessments and referrals are made
  • Resources/Information - providing resources and information around youth substance misuse



The program employs a Program Coordinator, Program Development Officer, and a pool of Case Workers and Youth Workers.


Funding Body

The VSM Program The program is funded by the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services